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How to decorate your baby shower party with gender reveal backdrop from Lofaris

Some prospective parents will announce the gender of their child to family and friends immediately after pregnancy, and then hold a baby shower party to celebrate the birth of the boy or girl. Some parents will announce the child’s gender in special and surprising ways on the day of the baby shower party.

In recent years, the practice of revealing the baby’s gender at baby shower parties is all the rage. This is indeed a very meaningful thing. It is also the most exciting way for the family and friends of prospective parents to share good news. There are many different ways to hold such a party. The decoration can be chosen.

Boy or Girl
A little angel is coming, will it be a boy or a girl? You can set up a beautiful gender reveal backdrop behind the cake table, half of which is pink and half of blue. In front of the blue half of the background, put boy toys, small blue cakes and various decorations, in the pink one. In front of half of the background, put a girl’s skirt, flowers, and various shiny objects, or mix the decorations of boys and girls to create a fairy-tale party.

Trending music theme
You can also choose to make pop concerts the theme of the baby’s gender reveal party. Write Beauty or Beats on the gender reveal backdrop to decorate the party scene as a trendy music party. You can ask the guests to bring exaggerated thick necklaces. Play some small games with sunglasses, or have everyone gather to sing to celebrate the gender of the child. If you and your significant other love pop music, then this background is very suitable for you. You can invite friends with the same interests to make this interesting party a trend concert.
How to decorate your baby shower party with gender reveal backdrop from Lofaris
Balls or Bows
It is also a great choice to let your baby’s future hobbies be used as props to reveal gender. You can buy some sports props that boys like, such as basketball, baseball, and some bows and small decorations that girls like to place on the cake table. Then decorate a gender reveal backdrop with a basketball and bow pattern behind the table. Guests can use these props to do some gender revealing mini games.

The gender revealing backgrounds of the above themes can be obtained from Lofaris. These high-quality customized personalized background are excellent, and they are a good choice for gender reveal party decorations. Visit, where you can choose a variety of backgrounds that suit you, and you can also get a variety of other party backgrounds, such as beautiful birthday backgrounds for all ages, or for celebration These are great choices for holiday backgrounds.

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