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How to prepare for a campfire party for teenagers?

The older the children, the more they want to set up their party venue outdoors, but fortunately, they did not completely lose the spirit of fun just because they were a few years older. One of the coolest types of parties that teenagers can attend is a campfire party, so why not prepare a campfire party for them instead of their next birthday party or other event?
Here are some suggestions for bonfire birthday celebrations, team gatherings, and all kinds of events where teenagers want to go out and celebrate.

Some necessities
The center of the party activity should be a terrace with a central fire pit, so you need to build a terrace and prepare enough chairs for guests to sit down, chat and relax during the event. If the party is going to last outside until the next day, guests should be reminded to bring tents, sleeping bags, and flashlights. In addition, music is indispensable for teenage parties, so you need to create a music playlist of popular music, connect your child's iPad to an outdoor or portable music sound system, and play music throughout the party.
What needs special attention is that a fire extinguisher is a safety measure that must be done. And make sure that at least one adult is with the children at all times.
A perfect bonfire party can bring perfect childhood memories to children, so party decoration is also a necessity. The easiest and best way is to buy some very long string lights, hang them on the tree to form a circle, let the children use this circle as their activity area, if the party is to celebrate for a certain event, then The party backdrop also needs to be prepared. You can order a personalized custom party backdrop from Lofaris as a party decoration. Write the theme of the party or the name of the child on the backdrop to make the party more unique.
How to prepare for a campfire party for teenagers?
Party food
It is a good idea to provide a variety of hot dogs, because some people may not eat certain meats or have dietary restrictions. There are also marshmallows, chocolate bars, and popcorn wrapped in foil. Children can sit around and roast marshmallows. Put the popcorn on the fire, another good choice is a bucket of candies, this is a treat that all teenagers will love.

Party game
Children can play sack race relay, toss bean bags or play board games, or invite them to sit around the campfire and share terrible ghost stories with each other, of course ordinary stories or weird stories can also be used.
How to prepare for a campfire party for teenagers?
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