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Photography Backdrop Size Conversion

All of Lofaris photography backdrops are listed in feet, width first and height second. For example, a 5'x7' backdrop is a portrait crop and 7'x5' backdrop is a landscape crop. Below is a conversion chart, from feet to centimeters and feet to meters:

Size Centimeters Meters
 5'x3'  152cm x 100cm  1.52m x 1.00cm
 5'x5'  152cm x 152cm 1.52m x 1.52m 
 5'x6'  152cm x 182cm 1.52m x 1.82m 
 5'x7'  152cm x 213cm 1.52m x 2.13m
 5'x8'  152cm x 250cm 1.52m x 2.50m 
 5'x9'   152cm x 274cm 1.52m x 2.74m 
 6'x4'  182cm x 120cm 1.82m x 1.20m 
 6'x5'  182cm x 152cm 1.82m x 1.52m 
 6'x6'  182cm x 182cm 1.82m x 1.82m 
 7'x5'  213cm x 152cm 2.13m x 1.52m 
 8'x5'  250cm x 152cm  2.50m x 1.52m
 8'x6'  250cm x 182cm 2.50m x 1.82m 
 8'x8'   250cm x 250cm 2.50m x 2.50m 
 9'x6'  274cm x 182cm 2.74m x 1.82m 
10'x7'  304cm x 213cm 3.04m x 2.13m 
10'x8'  304cm x 234cm 3.04m x 2.50m 
10'x10'  304cm x 304cm 3.04m x 3.04m 
Lofaris Photography Backdrop Size Conversion
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