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Easy Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Summer birthdays have all the perks. You're almost guaranteed good weather, the kids have zero homework, and everyone is relaxed and happy. So when it comes to party planning, why add stress? Keeping things simple is the name of the game. It's summer after all!

One way to instantly make things easier is by hosting your party at home or at a local park. It'll keep costs down and provide a blank canvas for tons of different types of fun. What types of fun, you ask? Consider any one of these easy-to-pull-off kid birthday party themes to make the big day one of the best ever. Just add balloons, some cake, and a good playlist!

Pool Party
Host a pool party for kids of all ages. If you have your own backyard pool, you're all set for a celebration with minimum preparation required. Just throw some inflatables and toys in, grab lots of towels and sunscreen, and make sure you have enough adults on hand to ensure a safe and fun day for all.
Easy Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

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If the children are younger or you don't have access to a pool, fill up an inflatable paddling pool for just as much fun in the sun.

Location: At home or at your local community pool
Age: All ages, provided you have enough adult supervision. Non-experienced swimmers need constant touch supervision when they're playing in or near a pool, according to the AAP. That means you (or another responsible adult) should stay in the water at all times, within touching distance.

Teddy Bears Picnic
Send out bear-themed invites asking children to bring their favorite stuffy to the party. Then simply lay out blankets on the lawn, provide picnic food favorites, and play some fun games like Hide and Go Seek, Simon Says, and Musical Statues.

Location: At home or at your local park if you don't have a backyard space
Age: Preschool
Things to remember: Put the teddy bears on their own table at food time to prevent spills on precious furry friends.

Backyard Movie Night
You can easily set up a screening experience in your backyard with a projector and a white sheet. Cover the grass with chairs, blankets, cushions or a mix of them all, then serve up some popcorn and drinks. You can also screen a movie inside if you don't have a projector, just make sure you provide plenty of movie-style snacks to make it feel special.
Easy Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Kids
Location: At home
Age: 8 and up if you want to be able to show movies on the projector after dark
Things to remember: Choose age-appropriate movies and watch closely for any sensitive kids who might need a break during emotionally charged scenes.
Things to remember: Make sure you set up a shady spot for kids to grab some water and cool off.

With warm weather and a birthday ending, it’s time to start planning the ultimate summer birthday party.

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