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How to Hang a Wall Tapestry?

Wall Tapestry is a simple and elegant way to decorate a space. From bold patterns and bright colors to neutral wall hangings, tapestries are just what you need to take your room to the next level. Check out our preferred method on how to hang tapestries below to help your space make a statement.

1. Sticky hook
For non-damaged methods-for your walls and tapestries-adhesive hooks can provide a simple solution to display your wall hangings. If you are in college or move frequently, this is also an ideal method: it is easy to hang up and take it off when needed.
• Attach a rope or string loop to the top corner of the tapestry to hang on a hook on the wall.
• If you are cunning, you can tie buttonholes on the corners of the tapestry so that it can be hung easily and the fabric will not fray. Some tapestries already have buttonholes, so if this is your preferred way of hanging, then pay attention when buying tapestries.
• You can also improvise and use curtain rings to create a relaxing atmosphere.
How to Hang a Wall Tapestry?
2. Velcro strips
This is another most popular non-damage method, and it is the perfect choice if you want to avoid the need for additional hardware to hang the tapestry. When the tapestry is hung, it will also make you look cleaner-hooks, clips, pins and nails are not visible in this way.
• Measure your tapestry, then measure the wall to mark where you want to hang it.
• Glue adhesives to tapestries and walls. Make sure to give them enough time to set up before hanging.
• You can place Velcro on all four corners or only on the top. Depending on the size of the tapestry, it is best to add one or two additional strips in the middle of the top row to increase safety.
How to Hang a Wall Tapestry?
3. Nails or pushpins
This is the preferred method of hanging tapestries. If your wall mount has a large enough weave (to prevent poking holes in it) and is not too heavy, this is a good method.
• Place a pin or nail at each top corner of the tapestry for elegant drape.
• Use a row of nails or pins through the top display wall to get a neater appearance and stronger fixing force.
• If you want to stay safe, add some pins or nails to the bottom corners.
• Choose this method when you can easily hide pins or nails (such as tapestries with horn tassels).

Whether you like the classic tapestry display or are ready to get a little creativity, designing your wall decoration style is a great way to make your space unique. Try some of our ideas above and make sure to check out other wall accessories to complete your look. Come with Lofaris.

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