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If you are planning a party and you want to set up a photography background for your party, choosing between thousands of photo backdrops can be overwhelming, especially because there are too many colors and patterns. And tones need to be selected.

Why is background important?
The background or background is actually what ties the entire image together. Under the wrong background, the focus may shift from the protagonist of the party to the complex background, or the color may not be appropriate. The background should be added to the overall image. Through a simple and generous background, the focus is returned to the theme of the party, and it can add vividness and interest to the party.

What type of background to choose?
Different themed parties require different themed backdrops. For birthday parties, some of the best backdrops are brightly colored, and the patterns on the background do not need to be too complicated, otherwise it will steal the limelight from the protagonist. For baby shower backdrops, different genders The babies in, correspond to different colors, female babies use pink background, male babies use blue background, but if you want to create surprises for family members, you can also choose blue and pink backdrops. Although most people choose a single color as the avatar background, it is still a good thing to use a variety of backdrops to make the characters stand out.
Different seasons have different elements on the party background. You can use the background of flower elements in spring and the background of fruit elements in summer. Being good at using different backdrops will help make your background better integrated into your party, which will make you The party is more perfect.

Baby Shower Custom Backdrops – Lofaris
What material do you like to use to make the photo background?
Everyone may make some crazy tricks at the party, so using a high-quality photo background is a good way to ensure a great meeting. Paper backdrops are some of the more traditional choices that people are familiar with. They are easy to wear due to heavy traffic, and they are very cheap. They are likely to be damaged during the party and cause you to mess up the party. A better choice is, there are many heavy-duty vinyl backdrops. those backgrounds use high- quality latex ink to print the background, the background pattern printed by this special background is realistic and the three-dimensional effect is strong.

What kind of background does the protagonist of the party like?
The good washing of the protagonist of the party is the decisive factor in choosing a suitable background. When you choose an inexpensive high quality birthday backdrop for your little daughter, she may prefer a background with flowers or a mermaid unicorn pattern. If you choose a background for your rebellious son, you can choose a very cool background. Choosing a suitable background will make the protagonist of the party happier, so that the party can be successful.

Birthday and Cake Smash Backdrops for Mini Session Photography – Lofaris
Choose a photo background for
It is a very wise choice to choose the photo background of Lofaris. The photo background here is not only of good quality, all wrinkles can be removed with a steam iron, but also can be used repeatedly, and the price is very cheap. You can buy multiple at once Different photo backdrops to use in your different party occasions.

Who we are?

Lofairs Backdrops, we offer a large variety of Custom Personalized Backdrops, including: birthday cake smash, baby shower, wedding and bridal shower, faux wood photo floors, fine art and floral. Holiday and seasonal designs include Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, spring, fall and winter. Our company’s goal is to provide high-quality photo backdrops and attentive customer service to valued customers like you. We hope to meet and exceed your expectations. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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What we do?

Welcome to Lofaris Backdrop! We offfer printed party backdrops for birthdays, holiday parties, baby showers, bridal showers and more. We offer custom printed backdrops and more in a variety of different sizes and materials. Ordering custom backdrops or other products is easy. As you look around, I hope you are inspired by what you see. And, if you have any questions about working together, I would love to chat.


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