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Valentine's Day 2023 Information & Activity Ideas

What is Valentine's Day?
It's February 14, and love is in the air. Valentine's Day is an annual celebration of love and affection.

Every year, people give flowers, chocolates, candy, stuffed animals, and greeting cards to their loved ones to show their appreciation. These thoughtful gifts and messages of love are swapped in many countries around the world! This holiday has been commercialized, but many still see it as a time to spend with the ones they adore.
Valentine's Day 2023  Information & Activity Ideas
What are the Origins of Valentine's Day?
Far from a new tradition, Valentine's Day can be traced back to the Roman festival of Lupercalia. This took place at the beginning of spring for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. The festival involved various pagan rituals, sacrifices, and a special lottery. In that lottery, couples were paired up randomly hoping that love might bloom between them.

(Don't worry – no goats are harmed in Valentine's Day celebrations these days!)

Valentine's Day was observed throughout the Middle Ages in Europe. Its name originated as a feast day for Saint Valentine, a Christian martyr associated with love and romance. St. Valentine was known for officiating marriages without permission from the Roman government. When he was discovered he was harshly punished for this! Nowadays, we see St. Valentine as a holiday that celebrates true love. Geoffrey Chaucer, the author of The Canterbury Tales, helped to popularize it with a poem.

The holiday began to pick up speed in the 19th century. Over here in the United States, the first commercial Valentine's Day cards were printed in the mid-1800s. Isn't it strange to think that over 150 years later, we're still giving them to our sweethearts?

How is Valentine's Day Celebrated?
On Valentine's Day, people show the important people in their lives how much they mean to them with an assortment of gifts, cards, and flowers. Red roses and candy are common examples of these.
Valentine's Day 2023  Information & Activity Ideas

Did you know that Valentine's Day is the busiest day of the year for florists? It even beats out Mother's Day!

Children can join in on the traditions on Valentine's Day 2023 with themed activities. Valentine's Day in the United States is all about celebrating love in all its forms, including the love we have for family and friends.

How can you Celebrate Valentine's Day 2023 in the Classroom?
There are a ton of teaching opportunities to be had during Valentine's Day, both inside and outside the classroom. Here are a few educational ideas and prompts to use when planning lessons and activities for the holiday:

Set a research activity based on Valentine's Day traditions from around the world.
Compare and contrast Valentine's Day in the United States with another country.
Take part in a random act of kindness for a friend or family member to show you care.
Volunteer your time to help those in need on Valentine's Day.
Explore the story of Saint Valentine with your students.
Create gifts out of paper and card stock in class to share with loved ones.
In addition to the suggestions above, any activity that handles positive relationships with friends and family will be a perfect fit for a Valentine's Day lesson plan.

Valentine's Day Party Games – Throwing Valentine's Day party? Don't miss out on these fun activity ideas. They're low-prep, needing only a set of balloons, red card stock, conversation hearts, and classroom craft supplies. Simply print off the instructions and laminate them for use year after year.
Valentine's Day Greeting Cards – It's almost impossible to celebrate Valentine's Day without swapping cards. You can bring these printable greeting cards into your classroom and share the holiday spirit. Kids can write them for their classmates or take them home to share with their families.

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