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Some tips for bokeh photography

Many beginners in photography are very confused and want to take good-looking bokeh photos, but don't know what to do. Here are some tips on bokeh photography that might be helpful.
Some people like bokeh photography, but don’t understand it. Bokeh comes from the Japanese word boke (ボケ), which means “blur” or “haze”. Photos taken with bokeh photography can create a unique atmosphere and reflect the hazy Effect, and bokeh can be used to hide distracting elements. If you blur the background into oblivion, the clear details will disappear from it. It will become a mass of color and tone, nothing else. Therefore, a good bokeh helps to create a cleaner and more refined appearance.
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So how to shoot bokeh photography?
You can do bokeh photography by increasing the distance between the subject and the background. Use aperture priority or manual shooting mode. Manually allows you to select the aperture and shutter speed, while aperture priority allows you to select the aperture value, while the camera does Choose an appropriate shutter speed for exposure.

How to change the shape of bokeh
If you have mastered the shooting skills of bokeh and you want to take more unique photos, then you can also choose to change the shape of the bokeh, you just need to cut a shape from a piece of paper and place it on the lens On, then, point it to a bright spot, and then you will find that your bokeh pattern has become the shape you want.

How to do bokeh photography quickly and easily for beginners
Another method that is very suitable for novices is that you can directly purchase bokeh photography backgrounds. This is the most direct and effective method that can help you take bokeh photos that meet your expectations.
Cheap Photography Backdrops Custom Online - Lofaris
Buy cheap high quality custom photography bokeh backgrounds
A high-quality bokeh photography background can meet many of your photography needs, because you can not only use it for bokeh photography, you can also change the effect of the photography background by setting your camera, thereby changing the presentation of your photos The effect that comes out. Lofaris is a brand worthy of your choice. You can find various patterns of bokeh backgrounds, suitable for various photography occasions, such as portrait photography, birthday parties or baby showers, and you can also find various styles of photographic backgrounds here. The photographic background can suit your various needs for photographic background.

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